Redemption Resources

One of our greatest hopes and goals for 2014, is to develop a comprehensive list of resources — and to create new ones. We covet your prayers for partnerships and financial support that can help us do so.

Please join our mailing list for updates and news about this directory — and check back periodically. In the meantime, this page is the beginning of the kind of resource directory we hope to provide:


Healing Your Marriage When Trust is Broken by Cindy Beall (based on her true story)

Words from the Other Woman: The True Account of a Redeemed Adulteress by Rebecca Halton


Life, Love and Family Radio with Dr. Tim Clinton: “The Two Faces of Infidelity” with Shelley Hendrix and Rebecca Halton
Listen Here:

Undone Redone: “Life After Your Worst Day” with Shelley Hendrix & Rebecca Halton
Listen Here:

Undone Redone: “A Redemptive Perspective on The Other Woman” with Shelley Hendrix & Rebecca Halton
Listen Here:
(Note: This podcasts applies to men, women and spouses, too.)


“Finding Forgiveness and Healing After an Affair” with Finding Forgiveness and Healing After An Affair – Shelley Hendrix and Rebecca Halton from ibelievedotcom on GodTube.

“How Can I Find Redemption After an Affair?” with – How Can I Find Redemption After an Affair? – Rebecca Halton and Shelley Hendrix from ibelievedotcom on GodTube.

“How Can I Break Free from Bitterness?” with How can I break free from bitterness? – Shelley Hendrix from ibelievedotcom on GodTube.

“Rebecca’s Redemption Story” (Part 1 of 2) by Red Rocks Church (Golden, CO)

“Rebecca’s Redemption Story” (Part 2 of 2) by Red Rocks Church (Golden, CO)


Counseling Services

American Association of Christian Counselors

(Why Christian counselors? Because we believe the only way to truly break free from an affair, from the shame, and heal — individually or as a couple — is through The Way, Jesus Christ.  Please note this is not an endorsement of every individual counselor in the AACC directory: please choose wisely, according to sound counsel, their specialty, and your unique circumstances.)

The HopeQuest Ministry Group

(HopeQuest is based in the Atlanta-Metro Area, but offers residential programs for all. They also provide a list of recommended resources, a discreet online chat, and a toll-free phone number for help: 866.377.7589.


Route1520 was co-founded by Melody & Traylor Lovvorn — a couple whose first marriage (to each other) was ripped apart by Traylor’s infidelity and sexual addiction. Six years after they divorced, by the “scandalous grace” of God, Melody and Traylor reconciled, rebuilt, and remarried one another.

Through 1520 and its services, resources — and live events — they bring hope to others who long for the same freedom and healing.

“Triple-X Church” is an online ministry that empowers people to be free from porn addiction and other types of sexual bondage. It offers supportive articles, online programs, mobile-phone apps for accountability and encouragement — and much more.

If you did not see your ministry or resource on this list, it’s probably not because we did that on purpose. If you would like to be considered, please contact the team at

Note: Simply contacting us does not guarantee an endorsement of your ministry, book, or resource.