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We sincerely appreciate each e-mail we receive.  Please feel free to contact us at contact@teamredeemed.orgbut if this is your first time e-mailing us, please take a few minutes to watch this video about what to expect:

Would You Like to Invite Shelley and Rebecca to Speak at Your Church or Event?

Shelley & Rebecca are willing to travel as their schedules allow. To contact the team about speaking at your church or event, please send a detailed e-mail to Their stories of mistakes and redemption, pain and healing, are perfect for:

  • women’s ministry events,
  • marriage conferences, and
  • addiction-recovery meetings…as well as testimonial videos for sermons.

(They’re also available for podcast interviews, guest blogs, and more!)

Together they share things like:

  • red flags leading up to committing adultery (Rebecca)
  • how and why she ended the relationship (Rebecca)
  • strategies and tips for avoiding affairs in the first place (Rebecca)
  • how she found out her husband was having an affair (Shelley)
  • remarriage and co-parenting shared children after divorce (Shelley)
  • how she helped her children deal with the affair and divorce (Shelley)
  • how they forgave: themselves and the people who hurt them (Rebecca and Shelley)
  • how the church and/or counseling helped, or not, after their experiences (Rebecca and Shelley)
  • tips, tools, and resources for helping someone in an affair, or affected by adultery (Rebecca and Shelley)

…and more!  NOTE: Please only contact us if you can provide travel coverage, lodging, and compensation for their time.  If you have any questions, please e-mail the team at